QUALITY PRODUCTS. TRUSTED INSTALLATION. EZ-FLO International’s products have been synonymous with premium quality appliance and plumbing products for more than 50 years. To serve the needs of our growing customer-base, EZ-FLO now offers over 6,000 products and has expanded our product lines to include HVAC and MRO repair products. Every product manufactured by EZ-FLO carries a long history of quality and innovation that is trusted by professionals and consumers.
Products - Appliance Conenctors

Superior Performance & Reliability


Appliance Installation


Certified Appliance Connectors

Including washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, and icemaker installation, EZ-FLO Eastman manufactures and distributes best-in-class certified appliance connectors that provide superior performance for a reliable installation every time.
Appliance Water Connectors

Water Connectors


Trusted Connections

Premium lavatory, faucet and toilet water supply connectors for every connection-type are available in reinforced PVC and braided Stainless Steel.
Water Connectors

Stop Valves


Multi-Turn & 1/4 -Turn Shutoff

Available in all sizes and connection-types Eastman stop valves are forged from a solid brass body with solid screw or ball valve construction to provide a water-tight seal every time.
Stop Valves

Water Heater Installation


Quality Connectors, Trusted for Over 50 Years

Eastman manufactures a full line of water heater installation & repair products including water connectors, expansion tanks, pans, stands, vacuum relief valves and tankless water heater services valves.
Water Heater Installation

Outlet Boxes


Washing Machines, Steam Dryers & Icemakers

Quality Eastman outlet boxes are available for washing machines, steam dryers, and icemakers. Five connections-types in 1/4 -turn ball valves available in an easy to install one-piece design.
Outlet Boxes

Gas Connectors


Epoxy-Coated & Steel-Flex Stainless Steel

EZ-FLO Eastman manufactures a full line of gas connectors and valves for any installation using corrugated stainless steel or epoxy-coated stainless steel connectors. Connection kits are available with a shutoff valve.
Gas Connectors

Pipe & Pipe Fittings


Fittings for Any Plumbing Need

EZ-FLO Eastman offers one of the largest selections of pipe & pipe fittings in the industry. PVC, PEX, ABS, Copper, Iron, Galvanized, Rubber, and much more.



Largest Assortment of High-Quality Valves

Whether adding a shutoff to a ¼” water line, a check valve to a mainline or a hose bib on the exterior of a home, EZ-FLO offers the best options in valve shutoffs for water and gas distribution systems.

Toilet Repair


Repair Flanges, Bolts, Fill Valves & Commercial

EZ-FLO offers a wide range of toilet and closet repair parts and kits for both residential and commercial applications.
Toilet Repair

MRO Product Lines

Sinks & Faucets


Kitchen, Bath and Commercial Applications

EZ-FLo offers multiple collections of faucet lines as well as bath and kitchen applications. Commercial sink & faucet kits and parts are also available.
Sinks & Faucets

Tubular & Drainage


Disposals, Strainers, P-Traps, Seals and Vents

Offering a wide selection of tubular and drainage components, EZ-FLO provides top-quality parts for the first line in the waste plumbing system.
Tubular & Drainage

Bath Accessories


Specialties Shower Assemblies, Towel Rods, Handles, Complete Kits

EZ-FLO stocks a diverse collection of bathroom accessories for any need, whether commercial, apartment or custom homes.
Bath Accessories

Water Filtration Systems


Under Sink, Point of Entry & Filter Housings

Adding a water filtration system to an existing home or new build is easy with a kit and/or parts from EZ-FLO. Our reverse osmosis water filtration system provides bottled water quality straight out of the tap.
Water Filtration



Returns, Registers, Capacitors, and Relays

EZ-FLO distributes duct system registers and returns for new construction or replacement, as well as a wide-variety of heating and AC system repair parts.
HVAC Repair & Replacement



Appliance Cords, Wiring Devices & MRO Products

Whether installing new or replacing existing outlets, EZ-FLO covers the bases with with a wide-selection of items for jobs.
Electrical Repair & Replacement



MRO to Multi-Family Repair Products

Maintain your locations with EZ-FLO’s contractor packs designed for multiple or big jobs.



Plumbing Specialty Tools

Complete that installation with quality tools from EZ-FLO’s selection of tools.
Tools & Safety