International Distribution


With an ever-growing International presence, EZ-FLO is now distributing to over 15 countries including Canada, Mexico and the US in North America; Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic in The Caribbean; Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in Central America; Colombia, Chile and Peru in South America.

Distribution Map

North America

EZ-FLO International’s core business remains the supply of our manufactured plumbing products to the strengthening economy in Mexico and the ever-present economies of Canada and the United States.

Central America

Construction is on the rise in Central America and The Caribbean. EZ-FLO remains committed to supplying quality plumbing products at affordable prices to the region to support these efforts.

South America

With its countries seeing economic growth, South America is increasing demand for plumbing products that improve quality of life. EZ-FLO plays a critical role in the exporting of quality products.