EZ-FLO Manufactures Quality Plumbing Products


For more than 50 years, EZ-FLO International manufactured products under the EZ-FLO & Eastman brand names. Over the years, the EZ-FLO Eastman product lines have expanded to include pans, outlet boxes, expansion tanks, and more.

We operate five fully-stocked distribution centers totaling over 500,000 square feet of warehousing, strategically located in California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey.

Highest Quality

EZ-FLO Eastman products carry a long history of quality and innovation. Our products feature superior performance for a trusted and reliable installation every time.

Exceptional Service

Customers are our number one priority. EZ-FLO International offers the best sales and customer service teams in the industry. We are ready to answer questions and process your orders quickly and accurately.

EZ-FLO is International

With an ever-growing International presence, EZ-FLO is now distributing to over 15 countries including Canada, Mexico and the US in North America; Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic in The Caribbean; Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in Central America; Colombia, Chile and Peru in South America.

Distribution Map

North America

For decades EZ-FLO International has been a strategic supplier of world class quality plumbing products to the economies of Canada, The United States and Mexico.

Central America

Construction is on the rise in Central America and The Caribbean. EZ-FLO remains committed to supplying quality plumbing products at affordable prices to the region to support these efforts.

South America

With its countries seeing economic growth, South America is increasing demand for plumbing products with improved quality. EZ-FLO’s role continues to grow in the exporting of quality products to countries in this region.

Customer Service & Delivery


Our focus is on you, the customer, and our commitment is to bring the best value to help you grow your business. Our customer service team has a deep product knowledge and access to real-time information on shipping and inventory.

Featured Products


Stop Valves


Superior Performance & Reliability

1/4-Turn and Multi-Turn Stop Valves available offering superior strength, durability and overall performance. Full range of options include push-fit connections.


Appliance Water Connectors


Our Steel-Flex water connectors work with all major appliances. All Eastman products feature superior performance for a reliable installation every time.


Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit


Constructed of heavy-duty brass this service valve kit makes flushing and servicing tankless water heaters fast and easy.


Outlet Boxes


Eastman outlet boxes one-piece construction provide a durable installation with easy valve access in five different connection types. These boxes can be inverted for top-mount and center drain options are available.